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品測科技股份有限公司 專心致力於 3D列印事業 與國際貿易事業項目
如 3D列印機銷售、3D列印機維修、3D掃描、3D列印代工、
除了3D列印機以外,品測科技股份有限公司 QTS 也代理了許多國外優秀的產品至國內。
如: 日本 MiS Technologies Socket 測試座 ; 美國 EMC E-scan 線上桌上型折光濃度儀 ;
SPI ENGINEERING 工業用極細內視鏡 。 未來也會不斷地持續導入更多全世界優力的產品來服務國人。品測科技股份有限公司誠摯的歡迎各界前來參觀、考察與洽談各種業務。

QTS Corporation is a company focusing on the 3D printing industry and engaging in the selling and maintenance of 3D printers, 3D scanning, and 3D printing OEM. We are a team of young and vigorous business professionals who are highly active, flexible, and innovative. In addition to the 3D printing business, QTS also serves as the OEM of many superior products such as America EMC E-scan Online Dissolved Solids Analyzer, and Japan SPI ENGINEERING’s industrial laparoscope. In the future, we will continue to introduce more excellent products from all over the world to serve our customers at home. QTS sincerely invites you to visit our headquarters, see for yourself what the company is about and discuss various kinds of business opportunities with us.